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What happened to the WN Buildings and the WN Avatars?



  • Official comment

    You can't buy any more Willie Nelson buildings or avatars (the license with him has expired) but any you already own are fine and unaffected by this. They're just not in the store any more.

  • 1 Tena Mathews

    I agree the game is getting boring with no incentives from boxes. The removal of buttons to add building bucks and avi tokens has really hurt a lot of players that can't afford to buy, buy, buy. I am sure a lot of players will leave the game. Some have already stopped it is hard to even find a party that will fill up successfully with all the changes to passes and gems among all the other changes people are getting tired of it.

  • Mrs Keeta Root

    No doubt... The problem is that customers are paying and the rewards are dramatically reduced.. Not sure how many of us will stick around with out better incentives.. 


  • Saving Grace

    I agree, the treasure boxes have been terrible for the last week. We can't purchase building bucks without spending at least 50 dollars? Sorry but some of us can't afford that for a silly game. I hope you have plans to change the packages you can buy on here that will include lower prices for people on a budget

  • Michael B17

    Alot of the better partys are at night.  Some of the toss partys are pretty good if you have the right host.  Most of the good partys are full long before the party starts

  • Big E 2

    The World Headquarters is now Field Headquarters. Willie Nelson Dance Hall is now Square Dance Hall. Both Tier 11, $37,500,000. So if you want to own every building at least once, those are two new ones to buy.

    Treasure boxes fluctuate. I track every box I get, and I'll see that one day I get 20,000 party passes, the next day 5,000 and then 12,000. For me, October pp were slightly higher than Sept, charms were even. Gems were down, but in line with August (actually a little higher).
    But track your TB prizes and I'm sure you'll see the same thing over time.

  • Mrs Keeta Root

    Thanks... Are they going to renew the licence again?  

  • Dougaroo

    I don't think so. It proved rather expensive.

  • Luck Is ALady

    Kimberly and Tena, I posted in another thread about the changes in the Building Shop and the new way to buy Building Blocks.  Since I guess you ladies didn't see it, I'll explain it here also, and have added some pictures to hopefully make it clearer, 

    You can buy Building Blocks in the Building Shop with gems, the same as we have been all along.  The only difference is the actual way you do it, which is, in fact, much easier and quicker to do.  Your purchase is calculated based on the number of Building Blocks you need for the building you're buying.

    Instead of clicking on the button at the top right of the page, that shows how many Building Blocks you currently have (as shown below), which is what you have been doing:


    simply go through the list and find the building you want to buy.

    (2.5M Building Blocks costs 100 gems)


    I added the equivalent amount of gems underneath the picture.  Click the black button at the bottom of the listing that tells how many Building Blocks this building costs.  You'll be taken to a purchase screen that looks like the one below, which shows how many more Building Blocks you need to buy the building.  At the bottom of that screen, it says "Pay the difference with gems, and a button underneath that shows the number of gems it will cost to buy the building. If at that point, you decide you don't want to buy the building, simply click the back arrow at the top left of the screen to return to the main Building Shop.

    Note: to make the transaction as simple as possible, you are actually buying the entire 2.5M Building Blocks, not the 2,488,000 shown on the screen. So in this case, after buying this building, I'll still have the 12,000 Building Blocks I had before.

    If  you agree to spend the amount of gems shown, click the green # of gems button to buy the building.  Then a box will come up that says, "Purchase in progress" and then another that says, "Success".  Then ou'll be returned to your city and see a message that says, "You have a new building".

    I've never seen the screen that says you can purchase Building Blocks for real money, but you shouldn't see that as long as you have enough gems to cover the cost of buying the building you want.  I tried clicking on a building that I didn't have enough gems to buy the Building Blocks for, and got this screen.

    I believe this is where, if you click on the red "Get more" button, it will ask you if you want to buy a package of Building Blocks for real money.  I've never gotten this screen because I know how many gems it costs to buy the Building Blocks for the buildings I want, so I don't try to buy buildings that I don't have enough gems for..

    Dougaroo, the new system is easy to use for experienced players, who've most likely memorized how many gems it takes to buy each Tier of buildings, but maybe not so much for newer players.  Perhaps it would be helpful to have each building listing say how much the full price is in gems, as I typed underneath the picture above. Or maybe you could have an equivalency key at the top, showing the ratio of Building Blocks to gems. 


  • Love my husband

    wow BIG E    that is awesome. I have never received over 3000 gems or  6ooo party passes and I am working on ms 62  congratulations


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