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Four Hour Treasure Boxes



  • Kat68

    It is a long wait for the purple boxes and as you say, you can wait all that time only to get a charm. I only take the four hour box when it has flames or bubbles and usually only if it also has lightening. That way at least you have a good chance of getting gems or passes. If you have a look at Night Guy's profile he provides a very useful run down on the treasure boxes and what they are likely to give.

  • JKay

    Kat I have also taken purple boxes with bubbles and/or lightning only to get a charm. This happens to me a lot and that is why I am so frustrated about these 4 hr boxes

  • Night Guy

    The chance to get charms/gems/coins/passes on all 4 boxes with different effects are the same. You generally select the purple less so there are less surprises.

    Cheers -NG

  • Michael B17

    Alot of my 4 hour boxes even with  bubbles or flames will be the luckiest 7 charm

  • Kat68

    The lightening is key. If it is just a bubble or flaming box I will get a charm about 50% of the time. If it has lightening as well, I 100% get passes or gems.

  • Krumbles

    My rule of 4 Hour Boxes is choose them when you leave the house or go to Bed!


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