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Update 3/2/2022 - We have ̶2̶0̶ 3̶0̶ ̶4̶0̶ 50 more milestones - Crown levels!



  • Nunya

    Thanks for the update, Night Guy.


  • Big E 2

    I saw someone at Crown 60. Is that the new maximum?

  • Flower7

    A list of the 20 charms/prizes  is all that is needed.   And that's only IF  one is curious about what is given from the boxes.  To keep posting the same prizes  is useless.  "Its  CW rando." .It's 20....and they repeat in CW choice. I haven't even  bothered  to open the last 2 boxes,  and won't be opening any for a while.  I don't need them, and don't care about the same corny prizes.  There are no goals to reach once you hit VIP.  And the crown prizes lack any incentive to get them.  Being "rando" at all lol.   

  • Big E 2

    I count 24 unique prizes from the OP:

    10K Gems
    15K Gems
    20K Gems
    25K Gems
    A.I. Cube Charm
    Airship Charm
    Ancient Monolith Charm
    Castle Fortress Building T16
    Crystal Mountain Building T17
    Diamond Cat Charm
    Diamond Resort Casino Building T17
    Dyson Sphere Charm
    Eco Superstructure Building T17
    Ecosphere Building T16
    Farsight Observatory Building T16
    Flying Car Charm
    Golden Shroud Charm
    Jade Army Charm
    Jubilee Tower Building T16
    Medieval Helmet Charm
    Mountain Citadel Building T17
    Treasure Orb Building T18
    Tree Of Riches Building T18
    T-Rex Skeleton Charm

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