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Update 3/2/2022 - We have ̶2̶0̶ 3̶0̶ ̶4̶0̶ 50 more milestones - Crown levels!



  • Nunya

    By using "mystery boxes" CW can reward you whatever they want. Part of the motivation on the milestones was knowing exactly what you would receive when you reached it. Pure aggravation to see that some received thousands of gems in the 1st Crown level, while others received a charm or a building. 

  • Night Guy

    The Jeannie I believe they are random from a set list for everyone. I was just trying to build up a list of what to expect for others trying for it. :)

  • stardust

    Crown Level 1 and 2 for me - both were charms: A.I Cube & Golden Shroud

  • Night Guy

    Nice Dren, in fact I would rather buildings than gems in this case. The buildings are tier 16, 17 and 18. They are more valuable than most of the gem prizes. The only tier I am not sure about is T14 but just extrapolating using other tiers.

    T13 3K Gems
    T14 5K Gems?
    T15 10K Gems
    T16 20K Gems
    T17 30K Gems
    T18 40K Gems
  • Night Guy

    Tickle try evolving the L3 A.I. Crystal monument, the available buildings will have their tiers listed. You can use some algebra with pixel measuring to figure out what they are worth lol...

  • Tickle

    Geez, I never even paid attention to that screen. Night Guy is the guru lol.

  • Night Guy

    Tickle wow no gems out of 10 prizes.... it's not that bad, in this case you really want more of those T16-18 buildings. :) 

    Michael B17 5000 gems sounds low. For Crown prizes I would expect more than the MS70 prize - 7000 gems.

  • T n TX

    I made Crown Level 12 & got an AI charms & that was it. Someone else I know got 20,000 gems. Go figure!

  • Night Guy

    CW added 10 more crown levels, totalling 30 crown levels.
    Going to edit the list of prizes.

  • Just Jack

    I hit Crown Level 17 on Friday - I received a 'Jade Army' Charm.  I've played it steadily for 3 days @ maximum bet (combined with other charms) and it is still there.   For just being a charm, I have to say it is a very good one. 

  • Flower7

    So the plan is to  keep adding crowns, and give the same prizes indefinitely.   That's so exciting.

  • Flower7

    I know you do.    And there's  nothing wrong with that.  10, 000 crowns with  1 outta 20 prizes.  I can hardly wait.

  • Big E 2

    I count 24 unique prizes from the OP:

    10K Gems
    15K Gems
    20K Gems
    25K Gems
    A.I. Cube Charm
    Airship Charm
    Ancient Monolith Charm
    Castle Fortress Building T16
    Crystal Mountain Building T17
    Diamond Cat Charm
    Diamond Resort Casino Building T17
    Dyson Sphere Charm
    Eco Superstructure Building T17
    Ecosphere Building T16
    Farsight Observatory Building T16
    Flying Car Charm
    Golden Shroud Charm
    Jade Army Charm
    Jubilee Tower Building T16
    Medieval Helmet Charm
    Mountain Citadel Building T17
    Treasure Orb Building T18
    Tree Of Riches Building T18
    T-Rex Skeleton Charm
  • BeePee19

    My gifts were completely different. In the first 6 crowns, don't remember the order, I got 25k gems, AI Cube Charm, 15k gems, 10k gems, flying car charm and mountain citadel building. 

  • Tickle

    Don't remember the order for sure but I think this is how they came. Might have gotten the Monolith after a building?

    Diamond Cat (charm)
    Jade Army (charm)
    Ancient Monolith (charm)
    Diamond Resort Casino (building)
    Eco Superstructure (building)
    Mountain Citadel (building)
    Airship (charm)

    Edit: Flying Car Charm isn't in NG's list, wonder if there are more than 20 levels or if there are more than 20 possible random prizes?

  • Night Guy

    Tickle I believe there are only 20 extra as it goes up in 50B increments. Other users with 3T+ shows 20 extra crown levels too.

  • JKay

    My prizes were completely different. I am at Crown level 2 and I got 10K gems at Crown Level 1 and 20K gems at Crown Level 2

  • Frankie
    5 Gems
    7 Charms
    Dyson Sphere
    A.I. Cube
    Jade Army
    T-Rex Skeleton
    Ancient Monolith
    Flying Car
    8 Buildings
    Mountain Citadel
    Tree of Riches
    Castle Fortress
    Eco Superstructure
    Jubilee Tower
    Treasure Orb
    Diamond Resort Casino
  • MamaDuke n Brady

    Hello Dear Friends

    I only received Crown 1 and Crown 2.  How do they decide how many Crowns will drop for you?

  • BeePee19

    Hey MamaDuke,

    Crown levels will start out at once you hit 500B coin balance and you get a new crown level every additional 50B in coins after that up to 1.45T.

  • The Jeannie

    Mine were also different. I went through crown 6 and am on crown 7. I got the buildings and charms but no gems at all in any of the first 6. Are the crowns different for all VIP's?

  • Dren


    • 15K



    • Dyson Sphere
    • A.I. Cube
    • Jade Army
    • T-Rex Skeleton
    • Diamond Cat
    • Ancient Monolith
    • Medieval Helmet
    • Flying Car


    • Castle Fortress
    • Farsight Observatory
    • Tree of Riches
    • Treasure Orb
    • Eco Superstructure
    • Jubilee Tower
    • Mountain Citadel
    • Diamond Resort Casino
    • Crystal Mountain
    • Ecosphere
  • Tickle

    How can you tell what tier the buildings are?

  • Tickle

    I just passed level 10 and still haven't seen a gem.

    It looks like there are at least 25 possible prizes but only 20 levels so unless they extend things it's entirely possible to miss out on a building or charm.

    Looking at this thread there is Night Guy's list of 20 prizes.
    I have also gotten Eco Superstructure (separate from Ecosphere) and the Airship charm.
    Others have gotten T-Rex Skeleton, Flying Car and Jubilee Tower.

  • Michael B17

    I got 5000 gems for crown 13 and before that I got 15,000 and 25,000 gems in the first 12 crowns.

  • The Jeannie

    Same boat T n!  It's

  • Michael B17

    Crown 14 I just got 20,000 gems.

  • Night Guy

    Very nice Michael B17 keep it going!

    The crown prizes are random, correct.. I wonder if CW added more less valuable crown prizes after the 1st day. If that's the case, those who got all the crown prizes on the 1st day may have benefited.

  • Just Jack

    It would be nice if CW simply retained the gifts for viewing for each completed milestone so we can go back and look at the prizes awarded.   There would be no guessing as to what we have received and no need to try to keep track of it all.  I know some people get lucky and get a great prize and some don't.  I don't feel disappointed if someone wins big and I don't. It is all a gamble - is it not?  God Bless.


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