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CW Inflation Reduction Act



  • Official comment

    City payouts have never changed.  The treasure boxes had a bug which was causing them to overpay for a while and we fixed that a few updates ago (so you got better boxes than we'd planned for a while).  Nothing else is planned to change in the future.


  • BeePee19

    Hey Dougaroo,

    Thanks for the update. I only asked because Samantha mentioned in one of the responses that reductions were going to happen over the course of multiple updates but gave no ETA on how many or when they will stop.

    Also, the bug is possibly not corrected yet. The reason I say this is somewhere between 5am-12am EST I will start getting mystic rubies and luckiest 7s then all of a sudden I will switch over to golden apples and green star charms for the rest of the day. This has happened since the first updated correction. Feel free to pull my account data to verify. Like I said, I have gems I would like to reinvest into my city I just want to make sure there is not a glitch in the system.

  • Night Guy

    All buildings contribute to the treasure boxes tier.
    Treasure boxes have a tier, each tier have a base payout with a multiplier.

    For example if your brown treasure box is maxed out, it will pay the following with up to a 10x multiplier for gems/passes/coins and some sort of multiplier for charms with Mystic and L7 being the max.
    1000 Gems
    2000 Party Passes
    Luckiest 7 / Mystic Ruby
    25M coins

    That means you can get from 1000-10000 gems, 2000-20000 passes, 25M-250M coins, Luckiest 7, Mystic Ruby.

    Now for the treasure box bug change since Oct 17th, these are my observations.

     All the contribution your buildings provide to the treasure box is reduced to 50%. Before the change you need about 800K gems spent in your city to max out all your treasure box. Currently it's 1.6M gems or 20x Millennium crystal monument worth.
     Chance of getting gems/passes from treasure boxes have about halved too so if you average 2000 gems / days it's now 1000.

    Hope this helps you all out. :)

    Good luck and see you at the parties!

  • Dougaroo

    cw2988 There is no plan to move out the lifetime VIP.  It will remain at Milestone 70.  We just added the new crown levels beyond that for folks who have already reached that limit - so there's something to reward them as they keep moving up.


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