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  • Tickle

    It depends on how you play honestly.

    Slots are fun but they are the worst bets.

    For games where the player has the edge?
    Blackjack, if you can play perfect strategy the rules are in favour of the player (never worked for me but I'm not a pro).
    Jewels of Osiris, pretty easy to make a nice profit once you learn to play it right but it's a grind. See Zagnut84's tutorials. It's especially good for newer players looking to make several 100M per day.
    Sportsbook, if you're knowledgeable it's easy to win here, I've got a 60+% win rate and only play it for challenges. I only know hockey.
    Roulette, terrible odds but due to the lax betting rules you can just increase your bet until you win then start again.

    If you are playing with charms (which you should be) it's a different story.
    I personally play Sparkplug Poker (100 hands @ 5K) for unicorns, bats and mushrooms. I play 3 card poker or Pai Gow on a high bet to burn down the big charms. Others play Blackjack and Mahjong which are more efficient but I don't like those games.

    I have to add that no matter what anyone else says here Unicorns are the best charms and it's not even close. You will see posts that say bats are worth more but I've tested it a lot and it isn't even close.

    However, even with the recent undesirable changes, the most important thing is to build up your city and cash your treasure boxes regularly.

  • Night Guy

    All games have a house edge. Slots if resembles a real life casino, has the lowest odds. The only game on CW that can potentially give you minimum 100% back is Mahjong, but it's too slow and trying to cash out 10B of charms will take some serious time. Cashing out 10B in charms (unicorns) in blackjack will take about 30-45 mins (5 hand 50M). You can potentially cash out up to 400 unicorns in 1 round of blackjack (5 hands 50M takes about 30 seconds), now try to do that with Mahjong in 30 seconds.

    There are charms that pays better than 5 x unicorns (23M) like a set of 100 x Cigars around 38M but it's not something you can collect enough to make a difference. You could use bats/mushrooms but they pay less per set and over the long run is not the most efficient method.

    Your strategy should be cash out as many of your largest charms with as few spins/hands played as possible. Slots just can't cash out quick enough.
    You would want to try these games in the order listed - Blackjack, 3-card, Sparkplug (large bet like 50M+). 
    That will minimize your loss on the any games and give you one of the most efficient method.

    My personal opinion is to use blackjack hence my scores on single Hula.

  • Tickle

    "Sparkplug (large bet like 50M+)"

    Going to have to correct you on this Night Guy. The maximum you can burn down in one hand of Sparkplug Poker is 20 charms (4 sets of 5). The key is to play 100 hands regardless of what you bet. A bet of 100 hands x 50K = total 5M bet will wipe out 20 unicorns pretty much every time. A bet of 100 hands x 5K = total 500K bet will wipe out anywhere from 8-20 unicorns pretty much every time. By playing the 500K bet it's slightly slower but you have minimal risk. The game has a slight house edge but even if you play badly you'll probably only lose about 100K per hand on average while gaining 35M-100M from the charms.

  • fishonron

    Thank you all for the replies but being only at MS61 finding ways to dump an infinite number of charms is not what I'm dealing with (I wish, maybe someday).

    I may have titled this thread and my question incorrectly.

    I should have asked what's working for others that are lower on the MS scale.

    I know slots are not a good bet generally but I average 700M a day profit with slots and am okay with that. I just want to hear what others that are in the lower MS levels are working for them. 

    Where I'm now, I can only use one bat or unicorn at a time after I dumped all the other lower-level charms.

  • k9

    Fishonron, I'm glad you reset the question. I can tell you what I did at somewhere around MS61 where you're at now.

    It was around that time I finally caught onto the whole "City" thing and also the need to settle into the long slog up the Milestones. I finally figured out I needed to build up my city as fast as I could so that's what I did.

    I stopped spending Gems at parties or anywhere else I might spend them on. Starting small, I bought tier 8 bldgs (200 Gems) until I had a bunch and they began paying me back. When I got my first loose pile of 500 Gems I jumped to tier 9 (500 Gems) and bought them up. They began paying off.

    In time, and in this way, I sort of snowballed my way up to getting 1000 or more Gems. That's when I began buying the 1500 Gem bldgs and was on my way to a big fat well paying city. Always saving Gems and spending them as soon as I had enough for a big bldg. Saving, accumulating then spending. 1500 Gems piled up, spent it all immediately then waited for the next pile. It always came, never failed.

    That big fat city had a wonderful secondary effect. Party Passes. 100s then 1000s of PPs piled up and that meant high priced parties and big charms. So all of that began piling up as well. Gems, PPs ---> Charms, I began to feel kinda rich. LOL

    What I did next is probably closer to the answer you're looking for. 

    I'm a slot player so I picked one I liked best which was Volcano. I simply like that one b/c of the colors and the graphics. It really doesn't matter, choose what you like. But there's a key ingredient here. Bet the max.

    Everyone who is finally finishing all the Milestones are betting the max. Now b/c that will sink you like a rock, you must always back up those bets with high value charms. The charms will save you on long losing streaks and allow you to jump ahead on the big splashy wins. 

    For months I won 2 - 4 billion coins a day without fail betting the max and covering with rich charms. It became clockwork.

    So here's the schedule

    • Don't save Gems, buy buildings
    • Don't save Party Passes, go to parties
    • Don't save charms, back up max bets.

    Find the groove and we'll all meet you at MS70.

    BTW, purchasing Gems speeds everything up. I never did but many do.

  • Tickle

    K9 is right about building up your city, it's the key to long term income and wealth on this site.

    As for how to make money in the meantime, learn to play Jewels of Osiris well. There are a couple of posts on here by Zagnut84 with tips on how to win, you can make lots every day with no charms at all. If you are an expert you can also play Blackjack, the rules here pay double on blackjacks which gives the player a slight edge on the house with perfect play. If you have the interest, and patience, you can also make a regular profit playing Mahjong. Make sure to open Mahjong every day to collect free powerups even if  you don't play.

    In my opinion, slots are the worst way (but most fun) to win coins here. You absolutely have to play with charms though or you'll lose your shirt, just like a real casino.

  • fishonron

    Thank you k9, that helps.

  • Night Guy

    Tickle, you're right on that. I actually suggest sparkplug based on talking to you a while back so look at Tickles post about sparkplug poker. 

    fishonron K9's suggestion is good. The most important part is to keep adding T13 or higher buildings to your city. If you don't have enough just wait till you get 3000 gems to buy one. It'll take a week or so the 1st few times but things will start to speed up as you add more T13 buildings. 

    What I am suggesting about blackjack will work for all if you are diligent and have patience. Reason why is because that's the exact strategy I used all the way to MS70 in 67 days. Today 11/25/2022 is my 319th day on CW.

    The other ideas will work but just slower. Don't assume we have unlimited charms because most people will save charms for many weeks or even months before cashing them out. What I usually do is to save just enough charm to move up to the next MS. In Blackjack every 2000 unicorns will get you approximately 10B in coins, calculate what you need and save enough with some spare before attempting the next MS.

    I am also using the same strategy with a couple tourist accounts, non VIP never paid for anything. 11th month in on both accounts, one is at MS67 and one is at MS 62. It's a little slower since they are non VIP accounts but are getting more than enough passes to attend 5x or 10x uni parties at least every other day.

    If you have questions just message me on CW and I'll try my best to help.

    Cheers -NG

  • fishonron

    Night Guy, it only took you 67 days to reach MS70?

    I can't see that happing unless you spent thousands of dollars to get there.

    A little clarification, please. :)

  • Michael B17

    I got 450 B in 47 days spinning on mystic billions  a few months ago when I was going for trillionaire . I didn't play games cept challenges for 9 months and I only hoarded charms.  I had 1.1 nillion charms then finally started spinning.   I had around 200 each of luckiest 7s and mystic rubys and 55,000 unicorns and spun only with the high end charms.  Monday this week I had 25.4 B in one day spinning with more ruby and luckiest 7  charms.  look at my mystic score this week  

  • Night Guy

    Michael B17 there are no right way to get there, as long as you enjoy it. I am just suggesting a more time efficient method. 55K unicorns is about 4 hours in blackjack and just under 300B in coins.
    That exactly what I did too when trying for the 1T. Went from 500B to 1T overnight. Cashed out 100K unicorns (500B coins) in 8 hours playing blackjack. 
    - side note, that's the reason why I was asking for away to load 100K unicorns with one click method, instead of spending 5+ mins.

    fishonron I spent about $2000 in gems the 1st 30 days to kick start my city. Naturally it'll be quicker and took 67 day to complete.
    Just for comparison, Day Girl bought $250 in gems 1st 30 days bought 20 x T11 willie dance halls, kept her gem balance at around 30K all the way to MS70 @ 194 days. (We use the same strategy)
    We have not bought anymore gems since then.
    Please keep in mind these are before CW reduced the chances of passes/gems from TB.

  • Michael B17

    When I spin alot I use 1600 unicorns a day and get around 8B coins


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