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Omaha Poker ?



  • Official comment

    Yes that's right.  In Omaha you must always use EXACTLY 2 cards from your hand and EXACTLY 3 cards from the table.  You can't use 1 from your hand and 4 from the table or any other combination.

    It takes a bit of getting used to, but it's also a ton of fun :)


  • Homz

    I been doing re-search on the Omaha Poker game,... So the rules are you can only use TWO cards from your hand and not all FOUR ?  ....  And ... Flopp Cards on the top shown to everyone ... Players can only use THREE?  to make 5-Cards for your Omaha Poker Hand ?  

    From the 4-cards im dealt to me i can only choose 2 of the 4 ?  Correct ?

    The Flopp exposed cards in the middle of the Table that eveyone can see .... we can only choose 3 of any of the 5-cards shown ?  ,,, Correct ?   

    2 from my hand and 3 from the flopp/river exposed cards....that makes 5-cards for me to make a poker hand ?  ... is thjs correct ?



    reply soon so i can go play 

  • Michael B17

    You are correct


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