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Need help re: Evolve Buildings



  • Samantha

    Monuments can only be created or evolved with a specific tier of building. When you're in the screen to add buildings to evolve, you'll be notified of which tier the monument takes:

  • Big E 2

    It would be great if we could just start at the willies level. But include the cost of the lower levels, like in Monopoly, you don't have to buy one house at at time, you can go straight to hotels, but it's going to cost you the same as buying the houses first (IIRC, it's been a while since I played Monopoly). I like having one of each property in my city, so I don't want to spend them just to make the monuments. But I have 53 willies in storage, plus 125 Light Pyramids.

  • Night Guy

    This is the most efficient method without wasting buildings or over shooting the evolve meter. 

    2 x T6 (100 gems) evolves to a Classic/Lustrous Fountain Crystal Level 1 Monument (Tier 7)

    10 x T7/L1 Monument (1000 gems) evolves to a Mysterious/Beaming UFO Crystal Level 2 Monument (count includes the one to evolve) - this will maximus the rare L1 monuments you can potentially get.
    Alternatively you could use 1 x L1 Fountain Crystal Monument + 2 x T8 + 1 x T9 instead to make the L2 Monument if you are not looking to maximize the number of rare monuments you would like.

    1 x L2 UFO Crystal Monument (1000 gems) + 3 x T13 (9000 gems) evolves to a Resonant/Hyper A.I. Crystal L3 Monument (Tier 15).

    8 x L3 A.I Crystal (80K gems) will evolve into the Level 4 final Eternal/Cosmic Millennium Crystal.

    Total cost to make one Level 4 Eternal/Cosmic Millennium Crystal is 80K gems or 2B building bucks.

    See my profile on CW for more tips.


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