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  • Night Guy

    Monuments are just a different type of building with a tier. They are not storage as the process is not reversible.
    Higher tier buildings pays bigger green prizes (gems/passes/charms). 

    Monument making - There are 4 tiers/levels of monuments.

    Monument level Tier Name
    1 7 Blue Classic Fountain Crystal
    1 7 Yellow Lustrous Fountain Crystal
    2 10 Blue Mysterious UFO Crystal
    2 10 Yellow Beaming UFO Crystal
    3 15 Blue Resonant A.I. Crystal
    3 15 Yellow Hyper A.I. Crystal
    4 T22? Blue Eternal Millennium Crystal
    4 T22? Yellow Cosmic Millennium Crystal

    I am not very sure about the tier of the Millennium crystal yet but chances are it's Tier 22.
    Also not sure about T14 as it's just an extrapolation from other tiers but really don't matter.
    If since T15, T16, T17 and T18 are all 10K gems apart, I would assume T19 to be 50K gems , T20 60K gems, T21 70K gems and T22 - Millennium crystal is 80K gems.

    From the crown prizes I was able to figure out the tiers and cost.

    Tier Gem Value
    13 3,000
    14 5,000?
    15 10,000
    16 20,000
    17 30,000
    18 40,000

    With those in mind, yes you want as many of the L4 monuments as you can get. The prizes you get are a lot more valuable. Eg 500+ gems from one T22 building (L4 monument), 1000+ passes from one T22 building (L4 monument) are possible. The charms you get from the T22 are the Golden playing card or Holiday Wine.


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