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Avatar maker needs to be reassigned to a new job!



  • HD Biker1

    Those new avatars look creepy. Not nearly as detailed as the old ones. I'll pass.

  • SilverMoon

    Me too HD Biker1

  • LuckIs A Lady

    OMG, they are so ugly, not to mention expensive :-(  They actually make the old cowgirl avatars, which I was never a fan of, look good.  I'm with HD.  I'll pass.

  • ms meg

    I AGREE !!

  • QUINN 626

    I have to agree, these new avatars look like cartoon characters.  I understand the reason for them, to replace the WN avatars, but I am not sure why anyone would purchase these.  

  • Alabama Jen

    The outfits aren't bad on the ladies with blouses and necklace, BUT their faces look like old witch faces. NEVER in my life have I seen a cowboy (the men with cowboy hats) with hair like that. Basically, they all look horrible. I have seen kids make better avatars. No lie.



  • Enjoli

    Dear CW if you have tried to do a cost saving measure with the new Avatars YOU FAILED.  You might have saved a few pennies but you will not make money on these creepy looking avatars, at least not from me. The men look like they came from a "Wanted" poster. and the women's are not any better. All are cookie cutter. No imagination.  TOTAL FAIL 

    But thanks for the effort lol

  • Enjoli

    Dear CW    If you would like to make us all happy................. provide us with the option for avatars similar to 7Seas, but allow us to keep our current avi's as well.  Thanks for listening to all comments.

    btw Bravo on new tool to remove old friends.. CW does listen and respond with good things that we want! 

  • lilly96

    i agree enjoli...give us a store where you can buy a new shirt or pants, maybe earrings ...color of hair would probable make more money if people liked what they had to choose from...i like some of the stuff at 7seas but as far as the's not near as good as cw...parties are horrible......unless you want to stand on the ships deck and do the macarana lol....i would never buy vip there...there is more interaction with people on cw and good friends


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