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Nine days?



  • Charlie 0

    Agreed, Big E. This is no time to alienate players.

  • 1 Tena Mathews

    I figured we would get better for the holiday season guess no cheer here at CW.

  • JKay

    They dangled the carrot in our face and then they took it away. Way to go CW! A great way to make your customers more unhappy.

  • Big E 2's nine to ten days AGAIN. 650 points, AGAIN. So AGAIN it means we'll spend less time on the site.

    Faster timers means more party passes. More party passes means more parties. More parties means more gems spent. More gems spent means more gems bought.
    Do better in February!

  • MamaDuke n Brady

    Very frustrating, CW.


  • Michael B17

    And another Corgi pet.  We got a Corgi 22 months ago.  I'm still waiting for a Chawawa

  • Theresa Hill2

    I've been playing for 14 months and have gotten 3 dogs in that time.  This will be the fourth.  Sure would be nice if CW used a little more imagination.  There's a lot of animals, real or mystical that they could choose from to give.  How about a pet hog, hamster, wookie, robot, etc.  Whatever, just not another dog!!

  • Luck Is ALady

    Agree with all the comments posted so far.  Waiting 9-10 days for TB 200% Speedup two months in a row is unacceptable.  I thought the explanation previously given was that each of the reoccurring monthly rewards like Bonus Charms, Vault Value Increase, TB Speedup, etc. rotate with one another as to their placement on the road from month to month..

    The other rewards for January don't exactly inspire excitement either.  Hope the avatar token rewards mean that some new and better avatars are coming..

    Also, if you're gonna do dogs, at least make sure they're cute and a little more true to what the breed looks like IRL. The sheltie was awful :-(  How about another cat?  There were evidently quite a few really cute cats in the past, but none in the 15 months I've been on the site. Best pets IMO since I've been here: rabbit, tiger cub, reindeer, miniature poodle, red dragon, zebra, panda, baby elephant, tarantula, pug, and penguin.  Pets that I wish I'd been here to get:  miniature horse, Siamese cat, Persian cat, and bulldog.


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