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Buy season points with gems?



  • fishonron

    I'm only at 600 season points and have completed all challenges every day. 


  • Michael B17

    Same here I'm at 605 and did all challenges but I do swap the host partys.

  • Pearlgarden

    if you get a challenge that says you have to "HOST and ATTEND" a party to get your points, you can change out that challenge by clicking the little flag in the corner of the box. Only thing about changing a challenge is you may not get the same reward points. Say to "HOST and ATTEND" may get you 30 points, but if you change it, you may get another challenge and it could be only a 10 point one.

  • Night Guy

    When you get your daily challenges, it's advisable to swap all the 10SP challenges. Give yourself a chance to get a challenge that's worth more than 10SP for quicker gain on the Dec SP rewards.
    Monthly challenge, you are allowed to swap it 3 times so that's a different story there.

  • Big E 2

    I've been doing that for the last 8 days, and have gotten an extra 105 points over that timeframe. 


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