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Holiday Gifts



  • Just Jack

    I agree Jessica.  Good idea. The gifts we give are symbolic and I suppose we all like to give some thought to the gift.  That is what gives the gift special meaning. My wife and I were each given a gift celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  I could see a Christmas selection including something like "Prince of Peace" - "Joy to the World" - "Righteousness by Faith" or "To Us a Son is Born" or maybe "God is Love" gift for this special time of the year.  

  • Samantha

    It is too late in the year for new gifts to be added, but this type of feedback has been passed to our teams for next year.

  • The Jeannie

    That sounds great!

  • Alabama Jen

    Great Idea Jessica! :)


  • harley1919

    Great Idea Jessica, I suggested a Holiday Greeting card before Thanksgiving and got the same answer.They said they would pass it off to their team and as you can see, they passed on it. 

  • Theresa Hill2

    Awesome idea, I was thinking the same thing.  It would be great to be able to give special charms for all holidays; Happy New Year pin, Valentine's heart, leprechaun, easter egg, may basket, fireworks, black cat, turkey, santa, etc.  I like to give special charms to players, especially when I see they are being very kind.  They don't have to be something that costs a lot of gems, just something different for the various occasions. 


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