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  • Luck Is ALady

    I agree, Rocket Queen.  Most of the city themes seem to be pretty dark and drab. I wasn't here to get the Winter one, which I think is the prettiest one.

    The new Fantasy Theme....not much fantasy :-(  The rainbow, castle and scenery around it are nice, but overwhelmed by the drab, depressing grey-green ground and grey-blue sidewalks. This is especially true when combined with so many blue hued buildings and the blue monuments. The little street lamps are cute, but like the jack o' lanterns in the Halloween theme, are so tiny they're barely visible unless you zoom in or happen to have a really huge monitor.  Mine is 24".

    At least the Tropical theme is relatively light in color, and the brighter blues and greens make it feel cheerful.

  • stardust

    these are the choices I have - light green, dark green and now fantasy green!

  • Samantha

    Thanks for your suggestion and feedback. I've passed this along to our teams.


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