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  • Just Jack

    I can't explain why your coin balance fell Stephenwolf,  unless you play without charms - especially playing Sparkplug Poker.  I see you play that game.  You can bet up to 250 million a spin.  If you bet big without big charms - you can lose a lot of coins real fast. 

    If I am low on charms, I lower my bet.   If I have high value charms, I bet maximum.  Gems should be used for building your city and not attending parties, especially if you need to build your city. 

    I suggest you go to grab-and-go parties and only uses passes (not gems) to attend.  As your city grows, so do the payouts in passes and gems. If you are patient, you will eventually have a city big enough to provide you with enough passes and gems to allow you to attend a lot of parties, move up the various levels & have more fun.  


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