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  • Official comment

    Yes I can see what you're saying about how you can have a substantial loss of points from that one power up. It could be that's too powerful. We'll have a discussion internally and see if this needs adjusting.

  • Dougaroo

    The team has been talking about the magnet this morning and it's going to get adjusted.  Thanks for pointing this out.  Expect to see the change in a few weeks.


  • Kat68

    There is something up with the reward timer on Fringo. I went in this morning with 7 mins on the meter and then when I went back it was at 1hr 10 mins and then again later it was at 3 hrs 10 mins, Now it is at 2 hrs 30 mins. It has been well and truly over 24 hours since I collected yesterday's reward.


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