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Tier 15 to 18 buildings?



  • Just Jack

    Once a Monument has been made, they can be upgraded to the next level by combining more buildings. Only buildings of a specific tier can be used for each level of a Monument, so if you don't see some of your buildings listed to combine, this is normal.  Tier 13 is the highest level you can purchase.

    So, you just need to evolve smaller tiered buildings (together) to create the level 15 to 18 tier buildings. When you attempt to evolve - it will instruct you on how many buildings of that level are required to evolve to the next level.  

  • Nan23 and Karma

    thank you for that!


  • Night Guy

    The Level 3 monument is level 15, use 7 of that + the one to evolve total 8 to make the L4 monument.


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