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Fringo - game won't load



  • Samantha

    Let's start with some troubleshooting steps to help with lag:

    Connection Loss Suggestions 

    After you've been disconnected from games so many times, Casino World will stop refunding your Coins.

  • iamsam

    Let's not start with troubleshooting.  I did not lose "internet connection", Fringo did not freeze - it showed that the game had started but did not recognize I was waiting - twice, the 3rd time I was able to play - immediately.  During this time the radio (another website) continued to play with no interruptions (so no lost connections).

    I have more screen shots that I am providing to you below.

    See picture below - it says "the game will start in:  40 seconds and at the bottom shows I am READY.  Also shows players ready - iamsam (that's me).  Doesn't yet show 1st, 2nd, 3rd token awards as the game doesn't synch with the server until after the 45 second countdown is completed.

     Then it shows "game started" Hurry up! 50 fruits.  Also still shows I'm ready at the bottom.  Still shows me under "players ready".  It also now shows how much is awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, so it has synched with the server.  No lost connection.

    Then it shows - current game will end in 36 fruits - and still shows I'm READY game will start soon.  And still lists me under "players ready".  And still shows 1st, 2nd, 3rd token awards, so no connection was lost.

    Fringo did not freeze and my internet connection did not go down.

    If Fringo is the only game I want to play I have to press on the X button to the right of where it says "Game in Progress" because I can't get to the "leave button" that you normally press once a game has been completed to leave the Fringo. 

    I then have to sign out of your website if Fringo is the only game I want to play (I could go and play another game right then and there on your website and not sign out), clear my history (your website only).  Go back to your website, sign in, load Fringo and if I'm lucky it might recognize me on the 2nd try.  I've had to go through the "clearing process" numerous times (3-4 times once) ONLY FOR THIS GAME, but previously I've always been reimbursed the lost tokens.

    This time I was not reimbursed the 2nd time it happened.

    There is a problem with this game.

  • blucrsr

    I would just like to state that this has happened to me numerous times also.  It always seems to happen on the 5mil island.  This is not a lag issue.  I have super fast internet.  When I switch over to any of the other levels it always works!


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