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No Party Buster Meter-Information Only



  • Official comment

    I would guess that you got into this party just exactly as it ended - meaning that the time for the party to happen expired (they eventually do that).

    Once that happens the party is over and you won't see a bouncer and indeed nothing else from the party (the buster meter, there's no cost in gems etc).

  • Inittowinit1

    I did mention that I bounced out of the party and back Dougaroo. The party was still active on the party board in order for me to do that. I forgot that I had taken a picture of the party below (I'm getting into the habit of taking pictures whenever anything odd happens). Guess what? There were over 25 people in the party. I can count 29. This tells me that CW messed up. Since I was the last person, I should have either received the Party Full message or been sent to overflow with the other 3 guests. Instead we were in an overfilled party, didn't get charged the 375 gem entry fee and so we didn't receive the successful party charms of 130 beagles, And we didn't receive the meter gifts the last one being 350 gems.


  • Michael B17

    I was in a party once had 51 people in it.  

  • Dougaroo

    OK more than 25 sounds like a wacky bug to me.  We'll do some more exploring...


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