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lighting in fringo not working.....



  • UC

    I have the same issue,  and second game does not have the circles on the board, have to reboot to reset the board...


  • stardust

    Was just coming to report this same thing.   I think the lightning is not working because the fruit is one with 3 circles that are not showing. So when you click on that fruit it still needs another two fruits before its full. 

    These circles are only appearing on the first card. 


  • Samantha

    Our team is aware of this and we're taking a look into it.

  • Luck Is ALady

    Also having this problem.  The first game played works as normal.  However, on the second game, the circles on the fruits that have to be clicked multiple times don't show up.  I won't be playing Fringo at the higher bet levels until I know this is fixed.


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