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Avatar tokens



  • Theresa Hill2

    I totally agree HD.  There's only a certain number of avatars a person wants to use.  I'd much prefer building bucks.


  • jimbobrae

    pretty much anything would be better, I find them somewhat useless

  • Just Jack

    I thought (and suggested) they provide different outfits available for purchase with Avatar tokens.  They appear to be working on it now. Rather than keep changing Avatars, it seems logical to provide a wide range of outfits that we could mix and match according to different occasions or our own whims.  I'll bet some people could come up with something pretty funky.   :)


  • LuckIs A Lady

    I really like that idea, Just Jack.  I'm on 7 Seas, where you build a custom avatar that looks very much like a real person.  You choose the face, hair style/color and skin color, and you can change all those things anytime you want.  Then you use tokens to buy outfits, hairstyles, and accessories for it.  It's great fun and you can get very creative, so they all look different from one another.  It's so much nicer than having all these different avatars which mostly don't resemble real people, and many are really ugly, including their outfits. Even with all the avatars we have to choose from here, most players will have just one or two main ones, then some they use for special occasions like holidays or theme parties, and that's pretty much it.

  • The Jeannie

    I agree Jack, been waiting on that for a while!


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