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OPTIONS on Bingo Challenges



  • Nunya

    You can play the other Bingo game also and get credit for the challenge. I didn't know that until I read an earlier post in this Help section.


  • Luck Is ALady

    I recall seeing sometimes on challenges if you click on "Go" on the challenge itself, it will load a window with all the game options available for that challenge.  I'm not sure whether this is available on every game challenge, but it should be.  I believe I remember the bingo challenges previously bringing up all the bingo games you could play to complete the challenge, but it's not doing that anymore. 

    If there are options for which game to play and to choose the level to wager at for a challenge, you should be able to see them by clicking on the challenge. Otherwise if you don't play the game specified in the challenge, how will you know whether playing another version of the game will satisfy the requirement?


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