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Feature Request (Multiple Building Purchase to Build Monuments)



  • Just Jack

    By the way, I understand that I can purchase Two (2) Tier 9 buildings and evolve a monument that way - but a monument costs 100 gems, the tier 9 buildings cost 500 gems.  If I evolve a monument that way, it costs 5 monuments plus the tier 9 building purchase (total 1100 gems). If I use all tier six (6) buildings to evolve a monument it costs only 1,000 gems.  It's wasteful to do it that way. Thank you (again).

  • cw2988

    They likely patched out the multiple clicking which I think is a good thing. This was actually a risky way of buying buildings as I did have the experience where I clicked six times and nothing happened because the slow response to the site, thinking the site had crashed I reloaded the webpage. When reloaded I had lost 300 gems, and there were no buildings or building buck credit (the intermediate step when buying buildings with gems). Thankfully I was able to get a 300 gem credit by submitting a help ticket, but, others who may not be paying close attention could lose gems/buildings without knowing it. I agree it would be useful to have the option to select how many buildings to purchase in a single transaction.


    To evolve a L2 monument without loss you need:

    1xL1 monument (100 gems), 1xT9 building (500), 2xT8 building (400) = 1000 gems.

    I usually make a L2 monument with 10xL1 as I like making the gold variants and use up the excess blue L1 monuments this way.

  • Nunya

    Just Jack, I made the request to be able to purchase multiples of the same building several months ago. Of course, it's not an option yet, but maybe in the future. I've been able to purchase up to two buildings with a fast double-click, but never more than two. I've just resigned to be patient.

  • Kat68

    100% agree. It would be a very useful feature and I can't imagine it would be that hard to implement please CW :)

  • Theresa Hill2

    Just Jack, my husband and I also noticed you can't fast click anymore and get more than one building.  I used to be able to buy 20-30 buildings at one time.  That was sure nice compared to having to get one building at a time.  Guess we just have to be patient now until they come up with something.  I would hope since so many of us would like that feature, CW would work on this.  Time will tell.  Have a blessed day!

  • Dougaroo

    We won't be bringing back the fast clicking (some players bought multiple buildings by mistake) but we are looking at adding the ability to buy multiple buildings in one go.  So stay tuned...

  • Just Jack

    Thanks Dougaroo, that would be much appreciated. 


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