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  • Just Jack

    I went to your profile and viewed your city Marshall, & I must say, you've done a good job in building your city.  You must be getting good payouts as you can verify in your monthly report.  I am always amazed when I look at my monthly report and see how much I have received.  

    The friends I've made along the way are the greatest reward.  When I first started, I knew very little and some of the more established players helped me a lot.  I went to the smaller parties and was told to build my city if I wanted to get more party passes and gems.  I see you've done that.  

    One time, I was invited to a party by someone named Ada Cougars a person from an entirely different country. I wrote in whisper chat "I'm sorry, I'm low on passes at this time."  She wrote back and said, "Check your passes."  She had sent passes so I could attend.  That was many months ago, but I'll never forget that simple gesture of kindness and generosity. So, I'm just saying that I wouldn't like to see you leave over something like this.  

    I'm trying to encourage others, make their day a little brighter and be as courteous as I can in this troubled world. I'm only one - but I am one.  I can't do everything - but I can do something. What I can do, I should do - and by God's grace, that I will do.  :) 


  • Frankie

    marshall u 1973,

    What Just Jack just said or +1.

    I have a question though.  Are you reloading/refreshing/login to your account several times during each city cleanout/cleanup?

    The city refreshes at a minimum cycle time of six hours, in which case I have to login at least four times in order to totally flush or clean my city completely.  If I fall asleep or miss that minimum six hours by as short as say even a half hour to an hour, then I have to login a fifth time to totally flush my city.  You need to flush coins from your city each and every time you login to your city.  The 1st time all buildings/monuments show coins you do not release all prizes/coins from your city.  The 2nd time you login you will see a reduced number of buildings/monuments with coins on them.  The 3rd time you login even fewer buildings/monuments have coins on them.  The 4th time you login and you are very close to the six hour (over not under) should be the last time you have to flush your city of coins.  If you are closer to seven hours or longer then you will have to flush your city a fifth time.

    Bottom line?  Not all coins/prizes are released the 1st time you flush your city (particularly if you have many buildings/monuments collected over at least several months).  Always login at least a 2nd time to see if your city still has coins/prizes to collect.  And only collect prizes (green boxes) after all coins are removed from your city.

    I will try to do several before/after screen captures the next time I flush my city after say a seven hour wait (to capture that 5th flushing).

    Addendum:  Also if you do not login several times, one right after the other in quick succession, then you will have to wait like ten or twenty minutes for your city to update properly.  So that it can take you over an hour to flush your city completely, if you do not refresh/reload/login in quick succession (in a matter of one or two minutes elapsed time in total for the four/five refresh/reload/logins).

  • Luck Is ALady

    Thanks for that info, Frankie.  I have been flushing my city every time I visit it when it shows coins, which is usually every ten to twenty minutes, as you said.  I didn't realize you could get the coins sooner by reloading more quickly.  Does it make a difference to collect everything in a short time versus a longer time? Usually the only buildings I see coins on after a full flush (with coins on all buildings) are on newer buildings that are in their honeymoon period.

  • Frankie

    LuckIs A Lady,

    OK but oh boy.  I do not want to steer people down the wrong path in terms of flushing their city.  The only time you might want to flush your city at higher frequencies (shorter periods) than every six hours (e. g. say every three hours or any interval shorter then six hours), is when some of your buildings are still in the 96-hour (or four day honeymoon period, to use your terminology) grace period.  Any buildings/monuments still within their four day grace period, will show coins at a period shorter than every six hours.

    After your buildings are outside, or are older then, the 96-hour (four day) grace period, those buildings should never show coins on them until at least six hours have elapsed, to the best of my knowledge.  The six hour period is the shortest period you should use when flushing your city, certainly for your older buildings/monuments.  I usually keep a mental marker of when that six hour period is over, but at least for your older buildings/monuments, that time period will have elapsed when you see coins on all your buildings (but specifically your older buildings/monuments or those older than the 96-hour (four day) grace period).

    I do not want to confuse people on the rapid login cycle.  You only do that after the six hour minimum has elapsed.  And you only do that because you want to minimize the amount of time to fully flush your city (it only takes a minute or two to do the rapid (multiple times) logins).

    That 10 to 20 minute time period I referenced above, only happens when you do not login rapidly, in other words, you stay logged in and wait for the remaining coins to show up under whatever default time period CW is using, and well, that takes too long, perhaps over an hour, for some cases in which you have to wait the equivalent of 4/5 rapid login cycles.

    For buildings/monuments still within their four day grace period, I can't say with certainty what anyone should do, in terms of flushing period.  You may reap more rewards simply because the maximum charm (or whatever) may occur more often (say every three hours instead of the nominal six hour flushing period for your older buildings).

    In my profile, the photos section, I now have ten screen captures, taken on 2023-03-15, for a rapid login sequence, five times, before and after, labeled 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, 5-1 and 5-2.  The 1st number refers to the login cycle (there were five in this case) and the second number is before = 1 and after = 2.

    If anyone is still unclear about any of this, then please email me or do a silent chat or talk to others (e. g. Night Guy).

  • Luck Is ALady

    Thanks for clarifying, Frankie. I do buy new buildings every day, so I always have some in the honeymoon period, and they are the ones that I get paid on multiple times between the big whole city payouts.


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