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  • Michael B17

    I noticed that yesterday I thought ti was only mine but it only happens during the free spins

  • The Jeannie

    I did too!

  • Samantha

    Our teams are looking into this. I was able to find out there was a change to the speeds of the free spins, but this was only for display, and not a change to how many free spins or Coins you can get.

  • Night Guy

    Samantha The enable "faster auto spins" option in the slots seem to have changed. The auto spins used to be a lot quicker with less delays between spins. It seems to have changed and is taking a lot longer.
    From what I can tell, checking that "faster auto spin" only changes the way your coin win shows up. Instead of counting up to what you win (which takes some times), it shows the total won immediately.
    However it does not reduce the time of each spin and the time delay between each spin anymore like it used to.

    Can you take a look at that.


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