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Anyone know why....



  • The Jeannie

    When i play the slots i normally bet as a high roller(5 million). That's how i get such large returns, i can't always bet high but like it better so i don't play as often as i once did.

  • Michael B17

    They got new high rollers thing who can bet 5 million per spin   you have to use real good charms at that amount or you will lose every time.  Ive got just under 300 M on a spin before  but that was high roller spin with I think luckiest 7 charms

  • LRM216

    Thank you The Jeanne and Michael B17 - now I can understand it.  Appreciate your responses!

  • Tickle

    Sometimes you just get lucky too. The best I've hit is 680M on a 500k bet, no jackpot, on the Relics slot. Got max free spins and a bunch of wilds right off the bat, then more and more wilds, it was pretty fun.

  • Luck Is ALady

    When you first start playing on the site, your bet amounts are limited until you build up a bankroll that is large enough to be able to bet at the 500K level, which is the highest regular bet..  Also, Flowplay said the High Roller program was only offered to selected players based on their betting habits and overall coin total, and it is a program that is still in the testing phase, as I recall.


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