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Whats wrong with Lucky7's?



  • chicky4 Q

    You are right. Noticed it too. Happens especially when 2 free spins occur then the remaining reels slow down. Never happened before, and I am noticing it on all slots.


  • Harley1200

    YES!  I have noticed this too.  Once we get 2 Free Spin tiles, the rest of the reels go into "slow spin" mode.  Unfortunately, I've also noticed that when this happens (for dramatic anticipation?) it also means you will NEVER get another Free Spin tile!  All it does is make it agonizingly painful to watch slow reel spins, KNOWING you won't get them!  IF you are going to get the free spins, it stays normal speed until those are done hitting.  CW..... PLEASE return the reel spins back to normal speed, under any circumstance!  It is NOT any fun to "anticipate" something that is painfully obvious that we won't be getting.


  • Ernie518

    Overall, haven’t done anything for a long time.  I have given up playing a lot of the games.  No fun any longer 


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