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  • Magpie57

    Yes, I wish they would change it back also. 

  • chicky4 Q

    I have noticed this also.  I don't like it.

  • Lookie Lou

    First of all, I am losing interest too.  I just tried and experiment since finding so many "new" things going on with slots, like the sound now is very tinny on my faves (sound like a kids jack in the box) and I didn't buy gems or go to many parties for about 21 1/2 weeks, guess how many coins CW recovered because I didn't spend that money?  Over 10 B, yes I said 10 Billion and it was in less time it took to get there.  I had at one time, 172. 3 B, close to my lifetime award at 175 + Billiion.  Now I have less than 161.  Yes, I won several times big wins, but they always never took me back to where I had bet from.  In less than 1 1/2 weeks they took back that much.  So, don't spend for them they don't spin wins for you.  Ever notice how many "guests" win before loyal customers?  If I don't get back up to where I was without buying anything I won't be renewing next month and I have been with CW over 2 1/2 years.  Must have new management that could give a crap. 

  • Lookie Lou

    Oh this is not my avatar right now either.  What is up with that, not since Christmas. LOL


  • Annie1453

    MayMae-CW sent out an e-mail awhile back saying a new company had bought them and "nothing would change". RRRIIGGHHT!   Since then, I've gone from 141B down to 76B.  I have yet to get a third spin when the reels slow down and if I do hit spins, it's usually only 5 and it rarely pays out big like it used too. The payouts even seem less if you play the High Roller bets. I don't know why CW tightened up, it's only play money.

  • Big E 2

    To @MayMae If you're playing slots, some games pay out much better than others. Also I never play the high roller amount, I stick with the 500,000 coin (old) limit. Most of the charms don't pay out high enough bonuses to cover your losses on the spins at the high roller amount. 
    I used to play on a different app that had an incentive to bankrupt you so you would buy in for more chips. They would also change the games multiple times a week when people figured out how to (Legally, legitimately) beat them. CW has no such incentive so I don't think they're actively making anyone lose. They do incentivize being a VIP, and I think that VIP status is really the key to moving up in the game. With strategic betting and building your city you can conquer the milestones quickly. I made MS 70, VIP for Life, in 11 months. 


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