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People bullying at GnG parties! Why?



  • Tickle

    It doesn't make sense to me either. There seems to be this idea that if you aren't going to buy any charms that you immediately need to leave a GNG party once it fills. The way I see it is that it's completely optional to toss at a GNG party and there is no reason for people to leave early. I buy charms all the time at those parties and have no problem with others getting the free charms. Bottom line for me, if you expect everyone to buy then stick to the "names called" parties.

  • Love my husband

    I agree totally.  I enjoy just having the fun of everyone sharing and having fun,, if you want to force go to names called. gng are for fun.  :)

  • Jay V

    You are all correct!  Some tourists have to save for weeks to go to a big party.  Throwing charms at a GnG is a bonus, and not required...but super-appreciated by the peeps that can barely afford to show up.  I like to pay it forward when I can.  When I throw a party, I require your presence and nothing else.  Most of the hosts of GnG's are the same.... at least the ones I go to.

  • JanLee

    Yes Jay! The hosts are never the bullies. At least I've never experienced that. I only throw GnG parties and if that kind of bullying happened at my party I would deal with it and most hosts do. But there are some that I guess don't feel comfortable confronting a bully. What was funny, one guy that was being mean I looked at his profile and it was all about being nice to people. So there's that. Lol!


  • 1 Tena Mathews

    I wouldn't worry about what they think it's a GNG. When someone says anything to people about throwing in a gng I always tell them it's a gng and not required to toss or leave.

  • JKay

    I agree. It is a GNG party and you do not have to toss. And most of the times the host will say do not toss any charms and to save your gems. I do toss at GNG parties, but it is only to gift my friends for being there and helping the party start. I feel there is far too much bullying going on at parties and I cannot believe that adults are acting like spoiled brats on here. It is absolutely ridiculous. Grow up people!

  • CruisinPast

    I agree with most of what's been said in this. After I was introduced to GNG parties, I became hooked, because I had been singled out many times for not tossing charms and that only added to stress and frustration, especially when I didn't have the gems to buy the party trinkets once the party had started. When I first started on CW, some hosts and partiers would block anybody who stood at the back of the room, tossing or not. I'm glad that changed.
    In my GNG parties, I'm just as glad when nobody tosses anything. I don't care if people leave right away or stick around for a while and dance or visit or whatever. For me, it's not about the charms in the party, it's about everybody getting x25 charms to enter. As was pointed out above, I believe that anybody who feels like it should be mandatory to toss should stick to the name-calling parties or at least those designated as tossing parties, name calling or not. Those are valid types of parties, too, just not the kind I care to attend very often.

  • JanLee

    I enjoy your parties Cruisin. I've never experienced any bully behavior at any of your parties that I have attended. Of course you make it clear in your profile it won't be tolerated so that's a plus. When I host parties I only do GNG. So far I haven't had any problems at mine. I was just sad to see it happen at the party I went to. I agree with you if they want things tossed they need to go to tossing parties.

  • Theresa Hill2

    When I host parties, I either say GNG or GNG/SNP, just have fun!  I don't allow bullying in my parties.  If someone starts telling people to toss, I will say it's not required.  I just want people to enjoy and maybe get a few extra charms.  I've been blocked by a few people, and I'm guessing it's because I don't always toss at GNG's.  That's their problem, not mine.

  • Just Jack

    When I started CW, I asked questions of seasoned players who were successful. I also read all items in the Help section. They are open to helping newcomers succeed themselves.  Generally, I was instructed to build my city in order to get more passes, gems and charms. The more high-end buildings I obtained the better was my treasure boxes.  

    Being reliant ONLY on parties to obtain charms, gems and prizes is not easy - and expectations usually fall short. Being short on passes and gems happens occasionally, but it is unrealistic to expect any party to turn things around.  In my experience great things come from building my city. 

    Over time, with little purchase - I was told I could grow my city.  I found this to be true.  I get a lot of passes, gems and charms from my city now and can play as often as I want.  I have fun at toss parties & Grab and Go parties and can contribute. It is more fun to see, communicate and be with friends (for me) than to watch the wheels spinning.  

    Over time, I was able to start betting big, move up the scale with my winnings & get a lifetime award. Then there are still crown levels to look forward to.  All said, it has been a very enjoyable experience. But, it all begins with city-building.  The more high-level buildings I purchased the faster I was able to gain the ability to go to lots of parties, buy gifts for friends, get to know the players and become part of a community of great people. 

    Thanks for reading. 

  • Sassy D Sees

    Sadly it's become a who charms most in CW, shouldnt ever be called down or be the one calling down. Your ONLY required to pay the entrance fee, no obligation to charm anything. It's nice if people have the gems to contribute it's a plus! To call others down and belittle them has gotten out of hand. I always contribute, some days bigger then others. CW has become a place of bullying and it should NEVER be accepted (against rules). Let's all lend a hand to those living on social security or lesser means. People use this site for enjoyment, let's try and make it that way. Anyone who calls others out at parties should be reported and blocked.


  • Samantha

    Like Sassy D Sees mentioned, if you see players calling out others for not purchasing Charms or being abusive about it, please report them. 

  • Night Guy

    To me GnG/SnP is like you better leave the party after it starts otherwise see the wrath of CWers lol...
    GnG - too ambiguous as it could mean grab and go don't stay.

    That's why me and DG introduced GnD! Just grab some charms and dance/chat/anything goes afterwards. Toss or not don't matter to me. It's not like those charms tossed in a party will make a big difference in you getting your MS or Crown. They are insignificant compared to the actual main charms you get.
    It's fun to toss and bust a party though, my 10x/5x unicorn parties do get busted once in a while and when it happens everyone toss just because it's fun. There are NO right way to play this game.

    See you all at the next party!


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