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Payouts from cities



  • Official comment

    Sorry if you feel your payouts haven't been as good as you'd hoped, but I can assure you nothing has changed relating to city payouts and the way that system works in years.  That being said, payouts can fluctuate and you may be in a rough patch.

  • 1 Tena Mathews

    Just wondering Dougaroo what causes the rough patches? Anything us players can do to get past that?


  • JKay

    I have noticed a HUGE change in payouts lately from my city and this has been going on for a very long time now. I guess the "rough patch" can last or months then. Isn't that special????


  • 1 and only

    In March I earned 419,451 party passes. So far in April, I am on course to earn about 25%  of that number. THAT IS A 75% REDUCTION from last month.   I have always purchased gems sometimes more that $1k per month. I have spent most of that on my city. Yet the reward for being a good customer is more reductions in rewards and less fun. Parties are a fun part of the experience and I would expect that people having fun leads to more spending and more revenue for CW. Can you provide a reason why you feel reducing rewards from cities is a good idea?

  • TeePee49

    If you are referring to only receiving party passes from your city buildings . . . good luck with that. Your city would have to be loaded with diamond buildings and that is really pushing it. Most of the party passes are awarded in your Treasure Boxes. Even with all the updates and changes CW made, I am still averaging 30-40,000 passes per day, but I get them by opening up as many TBs as I possibly can. I try to open at least 35 boxes at the beginning of the month until the TB perk allows us to open them faster. Then I try to open at least 60 per day., that's usually all the minute boxes. Getting gems from city buildings are very tight, I again depend on TBs for that, too. We all know that CW is a business and that they can't always give away the farm. Managing passes and gems are our responsibility. Naturally, I would like to receive more, but I am not complaining. I play and enjoy this site and it doesn't cost me anything out of my pocket. Good luck! 

  • Braveheart

    Must be nice but what you are receiving is not the norm for many people on here. I don't have thousands to spend here but do purchase at least once a month. I posted because I and others feel we are not receiving the same as before. 


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