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Party Passes Count Not Updating



  • fishonron

    The passes usually don't update immediately, it takes a few minutes.

    If you get them and want to see them right away, reload the CW page and they will be there. 

  • Inittowinit1

    Hiii Lady!! Thanks for asking about this. I've have my bubble burst many times by that "You don't have enough passes/gems" message. Did you see what CW did for you? On the bouncer page, it now shows how many passes you really have even before that number is updated on the Party page and without reloading the website. Nice. Thanks for getting this for us Lady.

  • k9

    Where can we find the Bouncer Page? I've not seen such a thing.

  • Inittowinit1

    Hello K9. When you enter a party through an invite, the Bouncer page appears to let you know what the party is about and how much it costs. If you party hop from one invite to the next invite let's say 10 parties in a row without ever going to the Parties page, then knowing how many passes you truly have is super helpful in deciding whether or not to attend.

    The Parties page will update the Party Pass total once you reload CW or if you just wait for a little bit.

    Another time you'll see the Bouncer page is if you go to a party early through the host's city from the Parties page. The Bouncer page appears when the time for the party begins.


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