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When you going to fix Wheel?



  • Samantha

    Our teams are working on improving this feature for players who don't like this change. This is not a way of changing the odds or manipulating how many free spins you get. This was a change to make it easier to see what is being won in the Slots.

  • Rambler

    Thank you Samantha. Yes, the slots are next to "unplayable" right now. Not sure what prompted the change your team made, but PLEASE undo that change. It was fine the way it was.

    Note if anyone is "concerned" about not "easily seeing" what they win on slots, all they have to do is turn off the "fast spin" option, or, better yet, turn off AUTO and spin one spin at a time.

  • Pat n Huck

    The slots have become unbearable to play with these so-called "changes."

    I see that after 18 days since the last response, NOTHING is being done!

    I guess CW doesn't care about paying customers.

  • Kat68

    They appear to have fixed it so you can now actually achieve free spins when it is slow spinning but haven't gotten rid of the slow spin feature itself. I am personally not a fan of the slow spinning wheels but at least they have put the element of surprise back.

  • Samantha

    Again, nothing has changed with the odds. Our teams are working to improve the slowing down based on the feedback we've received. Since I have already addressed this, I'm closing this post to further comments.


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