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fountains of wealth



  • Big E 2

    Yes, VIPs have a huge advantage. First, you get the VIP prizes from the top row of the challenge street. There are more of them, and they are greater value, like 1000 gems vs 20 gems or something.

    Also, VIPs earn extras each month, such as the 200% treasure box speed up, so the first box is 8-12 minutes, the second is one hour, third is two hours, fourth is four hours, instead of 30 mins, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr.

    So twice as many treasure boxes each day. 
    Samantha can answer it better, but yes, VIP has its advantage.

  • Michael B17

    If your a high roller on slots you can bet 5 M  a spin

  • joe207

     michael b17 how do u become a high roller , my max bet on fountains of wealth is 500,000


  • Samantha

    Being a VIP member gets you more rewards for $19.99 vs a normal $20 purchase. You get Gems, Party Passes, Charms, a Pet, etc. 

    You also get the VIP Perks which increase your Season Vault rewards and lowers the amount of time for Treasure Boxes, like Big E 2 mentioned. 

    To have the high roller option, you do need to have at least 10,000,000,000 Coins on your account. Accounts with that amount of Coins or higher will see this option in their Game Settings.

  • joe207

    tu Samantha that is a great explanation 2 my questions


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