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  • Samantha

    Can you send a screenshot of the message staying on the screen?

  • stardust

    this is a snapshot of how the screen stays on your page after you send a gift. 

    To remove it you must click on  1.  the window that says 'Congrats your gift has been sent'.  Then click on 2. the 'Send gift to ...' window

    When in a party room the rose & kiss will be sent normally but if you click on 'More'  it brings up the message screen and process as above. 


  • Samantha

    Thanks so much for your screenshot. This is something we'll have to take as feedback.

  • Night Guy

    On a side note, the new gifting is a bit tedious.. I spent most of the time in my hosted party gifting and trying to click "X" multiple times. It's taking almost double the time like it used to and I am having problems keeping up with private messages, tossing, responding to room messages, saying yvw, dancing and socializing in that few mins.

    By the time I've done gifting to most of the people in the room, the party is over and I missed a bunch of messages and felt like I did not participate.

    That's one reason why I would like to be able to multi-select gift to multiple people in my party room with less clicks instead of multi-selecting all friends that are online to gift.

  • Inittowinit1

    Hiii Night Guy! Hugssss to you and Day Girl!

    When this Send Gifts to Friends Online feature came out, I posted a Feature Request to Send Gifts to Room List. Unfortunately, it wasn't approved and is closed for comment. It went something like...

    Please add the Send Gift option to the Room List. I would use this option on a regular basis as would many others (hosts and guests at parties, in game rooms, at card tables, at church). Adding this feature to the Room List would be a win win for everyone.

    As a prominent member, if you posted this as a Feature Request, maybe it would be approved.

  • Luck Is ALady

    I'm pretty sure I asked for the Send Gifts to Room List also, or maybe Send Gifts to Friends in Party Room.  I thought it would be something I was more likely to do than to send gifts to all of my friends who are online.

    I did ask for the messages to be added to individual gifts and I'm sorry that it's a problem for some people. I really like it because I tend to send gifts one at a time to friends, and was having to send them with a separate message, because I usually want to tell them why I'm giving them the gift.  If you don't want to add a message, a couple of quick clicks now just sends the gift without one  I can understand though how it would be time consuming for someone like Night Guy, who sends gifts to a lot of the guests at his parties.


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