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Is it me or is it CW that kept asking me to drop a charm in odd mouse click locations?



  • Night Guy

    I can replicate it now. Tested it a few more times, it's after my party started with the "Party Buster" banner and I would need to drop at least one charm. This time the last charm I tossed is a champagne, clicking on that red circled area on the right of "room chat" will pop up this one without the charm selector.

  • SilverMoon

    Night Guy I have had this happen a couple of times recently

  • Megs22

    Could be handy if you want to repeat the same charm several/many times in a party. Perhaps not so handy if you select the "don't show again" and later accidentally fire off a high value charm....

  • Night Guy

    Thanks SilverMoon for the confirmation.

    Megs22 Yes it's like "repeat drop the last charm" function... if I had selected "don't show again for this charm. Does that mean it will keep dropping a charm when I switch between room list and room chat? lol..

  • Samantha

    We've received a report like this before. I've let our teams know about it to investigate.

  • The Jeannie

    I have also had this.

  • Sco

    This has been happening to me regularly for weeks now.

    After buying a charm in a party, clicking almost anything makes this happen until a browser refresh.

    I just haven't had time to report it.


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