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  • Dougaroo

    We're also planning to let you rename custom avatars - so expect that support to come in the future (when we get to it!)

  • Luck Is ALady

    Thanks so much Dougaroo.  I see the custom fee was dropped to 50 tokens. It's good the system is working because lots of people already have quite a few of the new avis, but I'm sure we'll see more now.  Being able to rename them and having the things that we own sorted to the bottom will also be very helpful.

    Now if you could just figure out a way to do something about the selections being more coordinated. They seem to be a random selection of outfits from multiple ports without having the extras to go with them showing up at the same time.  I know you guys really want that 50 token custom fee, but it does make it awfully difficult on our end. I definitely need a bigger closet for all my almost-except-for-one-or-two-things-different duplicates.

  • Dougaroo

    The mix of what's showing as we move from port to port we'll need to check on.  We're trying to make it not too overwhelming while also ensuring enough to build good outfits, but there may be some adjustments needed there.  I'll pass along the feedback.



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