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  • Samantha

    Thanks for your feedback on this.

    I'm not sure what you mean by censored. I'm not seeing a post by you was put into the spam filter.

  • iamsam

    Samantha:  After watching the earlier post for 5 hours being "under review" I deleted it.  Which is why you can't see it.

    But as a representative of Casino World, why would you only comment on that aspect of my post and not on the problem with Fringo that I posted in this post?

    I just went in and played another game of Fringo this morning - was in 1st place, someone used their magnet and I lost 1400 points, right after that someone used a bandit and I lost more points.  I ended up in 4th place in a room with 6 people.  So my point gain was 500,000 out of the 5 million I was playing.  

    9363127 - I agree, I've also noticed people using them simply to be nasty.  It's like those that bully people for not buying charms in parties.  It has made playing Fringo and attending parties very unpleasant.

  • Samantha

    Your original post is requesting our teams change existing features in a game. We can only take this as feedback, which we pass along. 

    For something like your post being placed in spam, I can help with that. When you see a post being under review, we have to manually go in and approve the post. We're not sure what causes a post to trigger being placed in spam as this program was created by a third party, but I typically check for posts in spam once per day.

  • iamsam

    Right now I have 393 power-ups in Fringo.  112 bandits, 46 magnets and 95 triple reward.  That means there are 140 other power-ups split between the other 7 push-ups (130 are split between 2).  When Casino World set the random identity of push-ups purchased (using their own gems) more are being designated to 3 power-ups, magnets, bandits and triple rewards.

    There are a lot of other push-ups which could be created - like rockets going horizontally, or Double daubs.  Surely new push-ups could be created which does not cause dissension among the clients on this web.  I've chatted with numerous people who feel the same way.

    As a side note:  I no longer look forward to playing Fringo just knowing that this is going to happen.  I'm not going to purchase anymore power-ups (until what I have are gone), it's not pleasant knowing I have 158 of these power-ups to drop on other undeserving people who aren't going to be happy.

    **Perhaps once a day checking the "spam" folder is insufficient. 


  • Inittowinit1

    Hi iamsam. Every time I play fringo, I use the bandits and magnets. I don't use them to be nasty. I use them because they appear. You don't have a choice which power up you want to use, you use whichever power up appears. If you don't use the power up, then no other power up will appear like the ufo, bomb, rocket, etc. Your goal is to earn all of the achievements on each island and overall. If you've got to magnetize people to earn an achievement, then by all means, use that magnet. If you have to be magnetized to earn an achievement, then say thank you when someone uses the magnet on you. I've had times where it seemed that everyone in the room used their bandits and magnets on me and I went from #1 to #24. I laughed and laughed and played again and again bouncing from #1 to #24 again and again. It was exhausting but still super fun. I remember lots of charms were tossed. I really like Fringo and I hope to see you in the game some time.

    By the way, Samantha reads every single post on the community page and responds while forwarding them to the CW team for follow up, review, as feedback, etc. She also responds to almost every "Submit a Request". Along with that, she goes through the thousands of posts that the third party app mysteriously sends to the spam folder every single day. She is Awesome!

  • iamsam

    inittowinit1:  No disrespect intended, you are entitled to your opinion.

    I have spoken to many, many people who play Fringo who feel exactly the same way I do about Magnets and Bandit power-ups.  You may not sit there with them at the end of the games, but there are quite a few people who do when they realize that they won't reach high points any other way.

    I also know that CW tosses the power-ups randomly when you are in the middle of the game, but when you are purchasing them with your gems - you end up with far more bandits and magnets then you do other power-ups.

    Samantha herself indicated that she checks the spam folder once a day - all I said was perhaps that was not sufficient.

    I have now been playing 100,000 coins Fringo games just so I can use up my bandits/magnets to get rid of them.  I will not be purchasing anymore power-ups until they are all gone.

    My suggestion to CW remains the same - Magnets and Bandits need to go.  There are many other choices they can create that will not cause animosity between paying customers on this website.

  • fishonron

    iamsam What do you do with your Magnets and Bandit power-ups when you get them?

  • Love my husband

    HI  I am looking to find an easy answer about Fringo..  I will be playingbthen i get magnatized which is no biggie but after about three times my entire game in Fringo  goes slow.  I mean I will only be on fruit 29 when the game is over  and the same with the next and next game.  I have to stop playing it and come back.  Also one of the achivements are to be robbed 2 times  lol i have begged for them to rob me and so far  no one does. 

  • Sassy D Sees

    That's the nature of the game, you get bandits and magnets are u not saposto use them, its part of the game, I use mine as they come up, why keep them?


  • iamsam

    Of course the game is set-up so that when they show up you use them.  I generally end up apologizing for using them.  My point is, they shouldn't be in the game at all.  I use gems I purchase to get more power-ups.  The majority that I get are magnets/bandits (see numbers above).  Knowing that I'm going to affect someone else's game play is not what I consider fair play.  If you win fairly - great!  If you win by minimizing someone else - that's not fair play.

    As for "that's the nature of the game".  So Casino World created a game that creates animosity between members of the website, and people think it's okay!  There's something wrong with that picture.

    The last 2 days I've spent playing at a lower amount 100,000 just so I can get rid of the magnets/bandits.  I also apologize to the people because I am pelting other undeserving players with bandits/magnets throughout the game.

    4 peoples comments like using bandits/magnets on this posting.  I've chatted with a lot more people in the game who absolutely hate using them or receiving them.

    I'm not going to keep justifying the way I (and others feel) about these power-ups so I have turned off the following indicator so I don't receive anymore notifications of your comments.

    Perhaps Casino World should send out a poll email - asking individuals if they like using/receiving bandits/magnets in Fringo.  I think the answer would surprise a lot of people.

  • stardust

    only the bandit removes points from another player.  the magnet doesn't.  it just moves you 50 points over the person above you.  I understand sometimes that can be a lot but it does not lessen the points of the player you use it on. 

    maybe they just need to reduce the number of bandits we get and make it take only 50 points not 100?   and maybe set the amount a magnet gives you to something like 200 points. 

    I think there needs to be power-ups with a greater value so that there aren't too many players all finishing on the same score and then winning is based on who got there first (basically bingo).






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