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CW loading issues when collecting treasure box when activating coins it spinns and spins never give you the coins or the prizes. Is anyone having this type of loading issue the last 2-3 days?



  • JKay

    Yes and many others having the same issues. So very frustrating

  • Sco

    I keep getting an error message that the CW web server can't connect to the CW game server.

    NOT our problem!

  • Just Jack

    Yes -  identical problem. Reloading doesn't seem to help.  The game I'm playing keeps running - but the coins and prizes boxes don't work.

  • Sports Fan

    Same issue since yesterday. You think the issue would of been resolved. You should not have to wait for them to come into work. They should be working on the issue 24/7.

  • Charlie 0

    Things are getting better. I just harvested the proper number of rewards from my city -- reversing the trend of the last few days. Things in general seem peppier.

  • Nunya

    Happy things are better for you, Charlie. But on my end, it's worse than it's been the last few days.


  • SilverMoon

    Other issues not mentioned: Leaderboard not loading, friends being unfriended, Bingo games freezes in the middle of the game and I'm sure the list keeps growing. So far my issues have not been corrected.

  • Charlie 0

    Network issues are tricky. I may have lucked out with my route to the CW server. Hope things improve soon for y'all.


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