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CW-Thank you for updating the City collection process



  • All in Again

    I just went to the City, I did not see any new updates, but I might have missed it...... What changed???

    What got updated?????

  • Inittowinit1

    For those who have a lot of buildings in their city, collecting coins and prizes/rewards from the city took some time and required multiple reloads of the program. After the recent update, everything is collected at one time and there is no longer a need to reload. I have oodles of the Booze Kiosk building because I think they are pretty but collecting coins/prizes from them used to take a few reloads...not any more thanks to the update. Thanks again CW.

  • Charlie 0

    Yes, this is nice. It was getting out of hand. My record was 7 game reloads to clear the board. Thanks CW.

  • Michael B17

    I had to reload 9 times a few times.  Seems to get less coins when I collect them one time now.  


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