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Beating the Game



  • Michael B17

    Now you do the crowns

  • BullDozier56

    To put more of a challenge in some games, some of us think that CW need to up the big & small blind in Texas Hold'em. Too many people going all in (2 mil.) with something like 2-7 off suit because a lot of people have multi billions and 2 mil. is a drop in the bucket. The fun for that game escapes me at the present.

  • Love my husband

    Thank you. Charlie O  I love your suggestion  Good luck with it.

  • Inittowinit1

    Charlie 0 Congratulations on becoming a VIP lifer!

    There are all kinds of challenges on CW and without even trying, you'll earn crown levels as you complete these challenges. Click on the Achievement trophy symbol on your profile to see all of these challenges. If you're looking for a specific game that is challenging, I would suggest either Dragon Mahjong or Fringo. Enjoy!


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