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Green star jars and golden apple



  • k9

    Been getting them occasionally and recently too. Lots of Luckiest 7 though like you. Of course I would rather have those 7s right?

  • Tickle

    At some point your city gets big enough that you only get the 7's and rubies. Every now and then you'll get one of the other charms on the monthly reward road, that's the only place you'll see them anymore.

  • Pearlgarden

    I have been getting the golden apple more than the green star jar. Also getting the 7's and the rubies as well.

  • Rambler

    Once your city value reaches approximately 1.73M gems (or a $ value of 42.7B), the only charms you will receive are Luckiest 7's and Mystic Rubies (even in the Brown Box).

    These were the "plateau values" for me, and I would guess might vary slightly.

  • Big E 2

    Rambler I always heard it was 1,600,000 gems which is equivalent to 20 tier 4 monuments.

  • Michael B17

    I have 25 of the top tier buildings so that would explain why no more apples and jars.   Thanks for your answers


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