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New Avatars - delete button needed



  • Nunya

    That's a wonderful suggestion T n TX! I bought several when they first came out, not knowing there would be multiple options to choose from in the weeks to come.

  • Samantha

    This type of feedback has been passed along to our teams.

  • billkuy

    Great suggestion...and while you are at it perhaps have a delete pet option as well...


  • Kat68

    It really would be good if we could buy individual items for our avatars without having to create a new avatar each time. Sometimes you just want a single item like a pumpkin head but the matching outfit isn't yet available, so you have to create a new avi to obtain the pumpkin head and then wait until the matching outfit comes up and create another one using both items. It would be much better if we had a wardrobe where we could purchase and place our outfits and extras into without the need to create a new avatar every time you use a different combination of items you already own.

  • Mister Kev

    My first Avatar was created that way. Now I never use it. Plus I've seen where a suit of armor or a spacesuit doesn't have the matching helmet and vice versa. All fine if you could delete "temporary storage" Avatars for lack of a better term

  • SilverMoon

    Kat68 they have the ability to set it up. Check out 7Seas Casino and you will see how they have the avatars, accessories and Pets separated into individual categories.


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