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Can't get into anything



  • Michael B17

    Have you cleared your browsing history on the computer ?

  • MI5

    Sounds like you may have insufficient equipment or ISP network.

    1. Find out your download/upload speeds.  Google "speed test" and run the test during the day when nothing loads and again at night when things seem to work fine.  It will show you the download and upload speeds you are getting.  Download speed is the most important.  You should have at least 30-50 Mbps download.  If not, you should look into having your ISP upgraded to a faster offering.

    2. Clean up your junk disk files.  Clearing your browser history does nothing but remove websites that you've doesn't remove junk files that are left behind.  You can either run a disk cleanup that is part of your Windows OS or download a free cleaner (I use CCleaner which is a totally free clean up tool that will delete your junk files and a lot more like Registry clean up).

    3. If you have the financial resources, you can also get a new computer.  If you do, I recommend getting one with a lot of memory and most importantly, one that has solid state disk (SSD) least 512M-1TB of SSD.

  • VenusNFurs

    yes I have. On all browsers I use and it does the same thing on all of them.


  • MI5

    Maybe you have a router WiFi issue then.  Try plugging your computer directly into your modem via ethernet cable.


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