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  • Official comment

    I know it's disappointing Mica to miss people coming to your parties, but there can be many party rooms going on at the exact same time

    There might be 5 "overflows" happening at the same time as the party you are at. You can only be at one of them at a time. So inevitably you may miss some of them.

    Sorry, not something we can solve for you.

  • MI5

    I think you're missing the point, Dougaroo.  Overflows are SPAWNED from main parties filling up; they are RELATED to the main party.  The host has no idea they even have an overflow unless someone in overflow whispers it to the main host.  And the main host can't get into overflow without either an invite from someone in overflow or knowing who is in overflow to link to (locate/join).  When main has filled and finished (busted), and overflow still hasn't filled, there should be a way CW can inform the main host they have unfilled overflow(s) and provide them a way to get there without having to rely on someone in overflow to inform them or invite them.

  • Dougaroo

    If there are overflow parties still going on (still filling up) your best bet today is to look at the party board again. Your party will remain on there for a few minutes if there are still overflow parties filling.

    Sorry if that's not reliable enough for you. We will discuss it to see if there's a better system we could offer.

  • MI5

    Your "best bet" theory didn't work as I predicted.  Main party is listed on the party board as LIVE during the party and immediately goes off the party board when it busts (even though the party is still active and people are tossing "post party" charms).  No way to enter overflow from the party board after main busts and no way to enter overflow after bust unless host knows someone already in unfilled overflow (via locate/join) or receives an invite from someone in overflow.

    Host needs to be aware of his/her overflows and should be allowed into overflows no matter how many people are in overflow (filled OR unfilled)...otherwise there is no way for host to run the overflow party and no way to "boot" non tossers from required toss called parties if host is not there.  So, host should always have a "reserved" seat in all of his overflows even if it fills before he/she can enter.

    Perhaps provide the host with a list of overflows with an option to enter whichever overflow they want and let them in even if it's full.

  • Dougaroo

    You can't enter any party room (as the host or not) after it's filled up because that wouldn't be fair to the other people in the that room. You'd get the buster rewards without having paid the entry fee.

    So the only ones you are looking for is overflow rooms that haven't filled yet.

    If we figure out a way to show the host party rooms, it would only be for those. Not ones which have filled.

  • MI5

    That would be an improvement.  Thanks

  • MI5

    However, also consider that if the host enters a "filled" overflow party that has launched without paying entry, the host would also NOT get the entry, it is not unfair to the others in the overflow room.

    If the host happens to enter an overflow room that has filled but NOT launched, then just charge the host the entry fee and all is fair.

  • Luck Is ALady

    MICA and MI5, I've brought up this very point previously but didn't get any response. It's also difficult when you're doing a celebration party, and neither the host nor the honoree can get into the overflow parties. If changes are made so the host can get into the overflow rooms, I would like there to also be a way we could select "Celebration" as the party type.  Checking this would allow the host and the honoree to get into the overflow parties on the same terms as the host alone.

    Totally agree with what MI5 said about if the host or host + honoree isn't able to pay the entry fee because the room is already filled, they shouldn't get the entry charms or the meter prizes. I don't see this as a problem since they got the entry charms at the main party and simply want to be present in the overflow parties with their friends. 

    I've had this happen to me accidentally, when a couple of times I somehow entered a party without the payment screen showing up.  Since I hadn't paid the entry fee, there were no entry charms and no meter for me. However, I did get all the charms that were tossed by the guests.

  • Jay V

    Parties have should be able to be a "+1" anytime if there is overflow.  If you can do it with the extra charm, you can do it with the host.  Alternate idea....let 25 remain the limit for a party, but let 100 avatars in.  Even with that, MICA and MI5 might need a second party! (maybe a third).  I have about 15 more ideas, some just to clarify what I've already written.  Alas, I don't work here.

  • Love my husband

    hi how about making a party that can host 50 people?  or make the main party expandable?


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