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Party Buster Blitz is not configured correctly



  • Megs22

    I was not aware of the 25 punters causing the meter to run faster; learn something every day! Thanks Init :)

    Question though for CW. I just noticed the Bonus Charm is operating in parties, though doesn't seem to be advertised on the home screen. If one were to pre-commit to the Buster Blitz, would the participants receive the bonus charm for each of the pre-entry charms which are used to fill the meter?

    Otherwise, I quite like how CW used the common 'lingo' when naming the party types; I expect someone (Night Guy? Fast Shark? CruisinPast?) wishes they trademarked the GnG moniker (jokes) :D 

    Win big!

  • stardust

    I have always known a beer party to cost just under 1000 gems to bust.

    I have never heard of everyone tossing just one beer to bust it - that's only 130 gems with 26 in room. 
    Surely everyone would be doing this and/or telling others about it?   I have never come across it. 

  • Jay V

    Thank you, stardust.  The basic formula is 200x buy-in.  A one-beer party will bust with a yacht.  Or, everyone throws 4x the original charm.  Do your own math on unicorns...Initt is high.

  • Night Guy

    They are tiered.

    Up to 10 Gems takes 1000 gems to bust.

    11 to takes 30 gems takes 2000 gems tossed to bust

    31 - 100 takes 4000 gems to bust

    101 - 300 takes about 8000 gems to bust

    301 - 1000 takes about 22K gems to bust.

    1001 - 3000 gems takes about 60K gems tossed to bust.

    3001+ gems and above takes about 120K gems tossed to bust. So all 5x ponies, 10x ponies, 5x mushrooms, 10x mushrooms all take 120K gems tossed to bust.

  • Love my husband


  • Pearlgarden

    Love My Husband - To answer your question, the Grab n Go party is the only party that NOW does NOT have the meter at the top. You pay your entry and once party fills, you get the charms.
    Even though the GNG party has no meter, people can still toss additional charms if they wish.

    The party buster and blitz parties still have the meters.

  • Inittowinit1

    You're right stardust . 25 people tossing the entry fee to bust the party is not posted anywhere. I just learned it from attending toss parties. That's when I started hosting my own toss parties, the 1 Beer toss is my favorite paying it forward. You've probably seen the regular VIP toss parties posted on the board like Oysters toss 3 Helicopters (300 gem entry and 300 gem toss) or the 5XUnicorn toss 5 Yachts (4750 gem entry and 5000 gem toss). As long as the toss charm is of the same value or more and the entry fee AND as long as all 25 people toss that charm, the party meter will bust. The key is that all 25 people have to toss the entry fee. You are also correct Jay V . If you wanted to bust a 1 beer party by yourself, then you would have to toss a Yacht or even 8 Helicopters would do. Megs22 You're welcome for the information although it's not working for every charm right now. As for the Bonus Charm on 2XCharm days, that's a great question and I hope that CW can implement it with the Blitz charms.

    cw2988 and Night Guy Thank you for the calculations. I also tinkered with the Blitz calculator. Then I went to a few regular VIP toss parties, busted a few test parties, hosted a low gem Blitz party, and hosted a high gem Blitz party. The 1 Flower Bouquet toss party now requires 3 Helicopters instead of 1 to bust even though the 3 Flower Bouquet toss party still reguires only 3 Helicopters. 1:3=3:3 in CW. Night Guy That's the tier you mentioned. The 1 Beer party requires 25 people to each toss 7 Beers or 35 gems for the party to bust. 1:7. 875 gems instead of 125 gems for a 2 gem Cola meter prize. The low gem Blitz party 10XCupcakes 300 gems with 1 Coffin 300 gems to bust was fantastic at 1:1 like it should be. The high gem Blitz party 10XUnicorn 9500 gems with 5XUnicorn 4750 gems to bust was also fantastic but at 1:1/2. cw2988 You are correct that the lower charm parties take more charms to bust than the higher charm parties. Those with the fewest gems have to spend more to get nothing and those with the most gems only have to spend half to get everything. This disparity just makes me sad as it reminds me of the aphorism "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer".


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