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Daily challenges disappeared



  • Just Jack

    You're right T - mine is gone - so is Angelady's.  

  • Inittowinit1

    This is due to the time change. They'll come back.

  • Jay V

    I think it's because of daylight savings.  Even though they ended an hour early, they were open for 24 hours.  When the new day starts, it should be back to normal (I hope).

  • Michael B17

    Every month on the last day of the month you get your challenges and you got 3 hours to complete them before they go to the next months daily challenges.  So like on the 31st of the month you got between 12 am and 3 am ET to finish the 3 daily challenges or you lose them to the new ones for the next month when they refresh at 3 am the first of the month. 

  • T n TX

    Michael  it isn't the end of the month, it is the 6th. I know this. Anyway, they came back. 


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