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How do you stack the buildings in your city?



  • Megs22

    Radio silence....If you know, you know. And if not, find a close friend that does. So far, friends have not responded to my messages asking :) So I embrace the sprawl :D

  • k9

    I've had it explained to me twice and found both explanations to be more complex than I could absorb. But I did come to understand that stacking requires a very large amount of repetitive actions. So much so that it would exceed my attention span but that's a 'me' thing.

    I tip my hat to those who have mastered the process.

  • Night Guy

    Stacking is just a bug that CW has yet to fix or have let it go. It doesn't offer any advantages, and it can be quite tedious. To effectively stack, you'll need some knowledge of ordered coding, such as Turtle programming, which can be complex.

    While I personally don't see it as an issue, there are concerns that if CW were to discover stacking, they might address it as a bug in the future. By posting this here, it's just giving this more attention to the engineers. 

    If you want to learn about stacking, you might need to seek information through alternative means of communication from those who knows, how-to is not typically discussed here or on CasinoWorld.

  • Inittowinit1

    I learned how to stack buildings and now I know why the previous Community posts and responses asked for your email address so that a video could be sent to you. It's a lot easier to show someone how to do it than it is to write it out step by step. I've found it to be a simple process reminding me of knitting or braiding hair, a little harder than tying a slip knot but once you get the groove/hang of it/rythym it's a piece of cake. I understand the concern that posting this information could result in Flowplay disabling the abilty to stack buildings. However, I also know that the team at Flowplay are genuises. They created these wonderful worlds for us to play in and create our own empire and/or beautiful works of art. Trust me when I say, they know ALL of our "secrets" whether posted here or not. Thank you for the fish.

    In compliance with the Community Guidelines, here are screen shots and step by step instructions on how to stack buildings:

    Place 2 bldgs directly next to each other.

    Pick up one of the building and notice the grid lines (3 rows).

    Put that building in storage.

    Move the remaining building 1-3 rows where the other building once stood.

    Take the other building out of storage and click the left black side of your screen.

    The stored building returns to it's original position, now closer to the other building.

  • Inittowinit1

    Let's have some fun and stack another building:

    Put the building directly next to the others.

    Pick up the building next to the one you just placed.

    Put that building in storage.

    Move the new building where the other building once stood.

    This is where it was moved.

    Now take the building out of storage and click the left black side of your screen.

    Are we having fun yet?

    Here is a picture of the same building stacked.

    You can stack any building anywhere on the grid creating different cities within your city thus making an empire of your city or you can create amazing kaleidoscope designs or you can have just one building going incognito. Casino World is your oyster.

  • Inittowinit1

    did i just type thus?

  • T n TX

    I have all the instructions on how to stack but you have to send me your email to get the info. Too long to post.

  • DkTower

    I am a newbie why stack?


  • Michael B17

    Takes up less space you can get more in your city 


  • Sco

    NG -

    I disagree with your comment about stacking being a bug. Long history. We used to have it. (Maybe it was a bug back then.) FlowPlay took it away a year or two ago. There were a lot of complaints. In relatively short order FlowPlay restored it.

    Because they restored it after the complaints, I consider it an "undocumented feature," not a bug.

    I do agree with your comment about it being tedious. However, you do NOT need to know any programming to do it. Read Inittowinit1's directions or request Andromeda's directions.

    DK -

    Only two reasons I can think of. One, it is a space saver. Two, you can create some neat and/or cool effects.

    In It -

    Thanks for posting your instructions.

    Andromeda -

    Thanks for making your PDF instructions available.

    Never seen your instructions. Going to request them.


  • TeePee49

    First of all, I marvel at the creativity that many people possess in designing their cityscape. I know it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to create their masterpiece. I have one question regarding the layout of your designs. Obviously, the grid in the most important factor when creating your layout. Here's my question, and please correct me if I am missing something, is there a way to permanently display the grid on your city when you are in "design" mode? The grid only shows up when you purchase a building or move a building but disappears after you place it. It would be very helpful if the grid was always on so it could provide some form of blueprint for you to follow. I realize I could draw my own grid and create my layout for viewing, but it would be so much easier to create a design and make revisions as you go along. It would almost be working in edit mode. When you're finished with your design you could turn off the grid and go back to viewing mode. Is this too much of a hassle for CW to do or does it already exist and I am just not aware of it. Thanks!

  • Megs22

    Thanks Inittowinit1, so very helpful :)


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