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Liar's Dice Challenge



  • Megs22

    Thanks. Was wondering why I went through such pain and didn't get rewarded for it :)

  • Megs22

    And.... if you leave midway through a round (or what I thought was the end of the pain), it records a "coins refunded", with no count toward the challenge and reduces the limited number of times you can ...strategically... exit yourself from a game in any one month ;)

  • MI5

    My strategy was to play 1 round.  Make my initial bet to get in the game.  Then when it comes my 2nd turn, click the LIARS button...don't care if I win or lose.  Then, exit the game and go to another game (like solitaire or a slot).  Then re-enter Liars Dice again and repeat what I did the 1st time.  You get credit for 2 games that way and don't waste a bunch of time. LOL

  • iamsam

    M15 - I figured that one out when I decided to give up and switch out the challenge.  Had only just bet on the initial game and then clicked on a slot game.  Got credit for the game but didn't get my credits back (small price to pay).

    First time playing that game and will be the last.

  • Dougaroo

    Yeah this was a bug.  It should have registered at the start.  Sorry about that.  We'll fix it for any future challenges in Liar's Dice, but for now skipping this may be best.


  • Zeeter

    Who wastes their time and mine creating a game no one wants to play unless they are forced to as in a CW challenge???  Asking for a friend.

  • Luck Is ALady

    Lol Zeeter. Totally agree!

  • Theresa Hill2

    I wasn't messing with a game I totally dislike.  I switched it out right away.

  • Toni4

    I don't like that game either. Only played because of the challenge. However I did stay log enough to win the pot. Pretty good for having no idea what I was doing.

  • Tickle

    I really don't like that game even though I'm pretty good at it, just too slow.

    So I played 2 games in a row, won both games, got the credits won screen but was only credited with 1 game.

    Got really annoyed and switched it out, got a stupid Mahjong challenge which I like even less, switched it out also. Now I have no switches left even though I played 2 games of Liars dice.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Big E 2

    I tried the game once when it came out. It is easily the worst game on the site. I did a switch off that challenge. 

  • CruisinPast

    The first time I played Liar's Dice, I just stumbled along. The second time, though, I played it through to answer the challenge. Just like Rambler, I played two games but I was only credited with one toward my challenge, so I went back and played again.

    I can play it now with an idea toward strategy, but still plan to play only to answer a challenge. I likely won't go out of my way to play the game just for sport.


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