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Another dog pet



  • Samantha

    Cats are on the list for future pets, but all the VIP pets are planned months in advance. It will take time to get through what's already been planned, but our teams are aware players would like to see more cats.

  • Kat68

    I have been on CW now for almost 2 years and have a goat, a monkey, a zebra, an elephant, a panda, and soooo many breeds of dogs, but not one cat. While I am sure they are planned months in advance, in amongst all of the weird stuff over the last two years, one cat could have been planned.... surely?

  • LA 13

    I realize it takes a lot of time and effort to create a new pet but literally the majority of the work is already done. There's now white rabbits and black and white rabbits, 3 different colors of dragons, 2 different colors of horses, and then this month the sheltie changes to a bi-blue sheltie. Cats can come in different colors too. If the team can just swap colors on a pet and call it good, can they perhaps swap the months they plan on giving us the cat to something sooner or at least tell us what month a cat is forecast to appear?

  • JanLee

    I would like to request a duck. As well as a cat. Just putting it out there.

  • SilverMoon

    I think a mini snowman would have been nice for Christmas also or a Nutcracker


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