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CW Tech Difficulties



  • Tickle

    People acting like every other site on the internet hasn't had at least 1 outage in the last few years. Overall they got it running again fairly quickly with no loss of data from what I've seen. Would have been nice to get a bit more communication but not a big deal.

  • Stoic

    Having a problem with instability with slot games since the outage. As consecutive games are played the movement on the screen becomes increasingly unstable. Need to refresh frequently. Tried 3 different browsers (Chrome,  Edge & Firefox). Have rebooted the computer and have rebooted the internet service. Problem remains the same. Thanks for any input.

  • Theresa Hill2

    Stoic we have had the same problem.  Very, very glitchy ever since the outage.  We don't have any problems with anything else but the flowplay games with this instability.


    Gingerbread House has disappeared of my games menu. and I cannot get through to C W through Help because when it says press below to get to speak with agent nothing happens


  • Michael B17

    Gingerbread house is still there go to the main page then find the " get the gingerbread house" box and its in there


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